About Us

Welcome to Good Games!


We started as Australia's largest chain of tabletop game stores, but we’ve come to the USA and now you can visit us to discover, buy and play the best games in the world! We have stores in Indianapolis and Chicago, each offering the best in gaming retail and a comfortable, safe environment to play in. Our company’s slogan, “You Are Welcome Here” isn’t just a few nice words - it’s what we strive for every day in every store. We offer regular events for gamers of all types, from weekly card game tournaments to roleplaying sessions, board game days and wargaming events. Our organised play programs are some of the best in the world and we’re always happy to see new players! With extended trading hours in most locations, helpful staff and eager communities built around our stores, you’ll never have trouble finding a game - so drop into your local Good Games now, or visit our website. Come be part of the fun!