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Everyone loves a map --they bring such joy and inspiration. This 1000 piece puzzle, stating Deutschland (Germany in German) will have you tracing your finger along each riverway, border and mountain range. The Germany map puzzle will have you brushing up on your knowledge of the 16 states, which is the smallest, but also which state is the largest ' is it Bavaria or Bremen?

You'll be inspired to travel down the longest river, The Rhine, then also visit the wine region of the Mosel Valley. The puzzle has so much detail and the use of subtle colors will allow you to take your time completing it. This map puzzle will be the start of your collection of country maps, you will want to do all the countries of Europe, but will that mean you'll then move on to the challenge of doing a puzzle for each country in the world? Now that really would be a great achievement.

When completed the puzzle measures 27" x 19"