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1 unit

Registration Begins: Item available for purchase at 5:00PM EDT on Fridays
Play Begins: 6:30PM EDT
Format: Standard Casual BO3 Swiss
Entry: $7
MTG Arena download:
Event will be organized via our discord at; join M:TG Table #paid-tournament-room after paying

Play in our Friday Night Magic Event via MTG Arena!

Prize Support:

  • Participation: $2 store credit¹
  • Match win: Regular priced booster pack² or $2 store credit¹
  • Top 3: Their choice of premium promo pack²³
  • Places 4 & 5: Their choice of regular promo pack²³
  • 1 Random Player per 10 players in tournament: Randomly chosen regular promo pack²³

¹Store credit can be added to your in-store account to purchase MTG singles or in-store items, or an online account to purchase board games/puzzles/sealed MTG product/etc if you do not live nearby

²Packs may be picked up in person, shipped with order for no extra cost, or shipping fees can be sorted separately.

³Promo Packs available: Kaldheim, Zendikar Rising, Core 2021, Ikoria, or Theros Beyond Death, or Throne of Eldraine. Randomly chosen winner will receive a randomly chosen pack.